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For 10 years clients have been trusting AppCubic Softech with custom software needs. Here is why our clients keep coming back.

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Close IT resourcing gaps

Our team of more than 1600 software experts are able to tailor our core services to fit your business requirements. And for those most complex of challenges, we’ll engage experts with a grounding in physics and mathematics – to guarantee success where software expertise alone might not be enough.

Save business operations costs

We’ll help you test bold new ideas while sharing your development risk. So you can save up to 30% on development costs, get products and services to market twice as fast, improve efficiency and flex your business model to boost revenue.

Adopt digital transformations

We can help you adapt to changing demands with agile, innovative, technologies – like blockchain, Data Science and Cloud. You can leave your in-house resource in place to focus on your core business, for perfectly seamless service delivery.

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AppCubic Softtech project management

Regardless of your project's scope, you will get to work with a designated AppCubic Softtech project manager that will ensure your project is running as smooth and transparent as possible.

Frequent Communication

The project manager you receive will communicate with you, notifying you of any changes or questions regarding the project through email, phone, meetings, and more.

Open Collaboration

Your project manager will be in charge of recruiting Orases team members for your project, assigning them tasks, setting deadlines, and collecting status updates.

Reports & Updates

In addition to communicating internally and externally, your designated project manager will provide you with weekly and monthly updates and reports in real-time.

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